Roblox Baldi’s Basics

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Everyone had a teacher at school they hated. Maybe he was too strict or too mean. Maybe he demanded too much from his students and didn’t forgive a single mistake. Maybe he didn’t like children in the first place and used his authority to take it out on them. Perhaps he even resorted to physical punishment. Well, Baldi in Roblox Mod Simulator is a mix of all that packed in one lousy-looking human being with awful character. You are going to find it out on your own skin, literally… The goal of the game sounds simple: to survive a whole day at school and get home safely with all your classwork done. But that won’t be as easy as it seems. Baldi has prepared tricky math tasks for you. At first, you may think it’s a piece of cake. But the equations will grow more complicated with every lesson. Overall, you have to fill out seven notebooks, each containing three tasks. It will go smooth until you make the first mistake… Then Baldi will snap and attack you with his ruler. Run away from him as fast as you can!

Other characters on the campus are no better. They will try and slow you down, block passages and even send you to detention. Luckily, you can make friends with some of them by offering them gifts from your backpack. If you choose the right tactics, you will be able to eliminate a good deal of the obstacles preventing you from collecting the notebooks, finishing the equations and finally making your way home. That is, unless Baldi gets to you first…

The game will creep you out with bulky pseudo-3D visuals and bad-quality sound. You will remember why you didn’t like school! Avoid Baldi at all costs otherwise the game will be over. If you have no stamina to keep running and he is getting closers, search your inventory for chocolate bars – they will give you enough energy to increase the distance between you and your pursuer. By the end of the school day, Baldi will become even more zestful while your power will wane. So don’t waste your time, set out on your search for notebooks as soon as possible. Explore every room on the campus, they can be anywhere. And always keep your eyes sharp in case Baldi is around the corner. Baldi’s Basics is a test not only for your math, but also your nerves! Will you pass it?

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