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In Baldi’s Basics, you are about to remember all the horrors of studying. The story starts when you decide to grab the notebooks your friend forgot at school. There you meet a teacher named Mr. Baldi who teaches math. You think it might not be a bad idea to brush up your knowledge of this subject. After all, can it hurt to solve a few equations? But Mr. Baldi isn’t that friendly and nice as he may seem at first glance. Every time you discover one of the notebooks, you’ll be given several easy questions in math. The difficulty of the tasks will increase every time and soon enough you’ll figure out something is not going right here.

The point is that Baldi can’t stand it when students make mistakes. So if you falter even once, he’ll start approaching at you threateningly slapping his long ruler against his hand. He’ll chase you everywhere and while you search around the school for the rest of the notebooks and your goal is not to run into him. Otherwise… Blank screen and game over.

Other people on the campus will be helping Baldi. They will try and stop you by all means, so you have to be extra careful. Beware of everybody, even an innocent-looking little girl jumping the rope. She will ask you to play with her and don’t even hope to get past her until you do. During this time, you will be defenseless and, most importantly, you’ll lose valuable time that you could have spent maximizing the distance between you and Baldi. However, that’s not the worst thing. If you bump into the principal, he’ll send you to a detention room where you’ll be prone to Baldi’s attack until the detention is over! Can you survive this nightmare and get out of the school with all notebooks? There is only one way to find out!

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