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If you ask a young child what does he/she think about school, chances are that the answer will be: “That’s a nightmare!” However, you never perceive these words literally. Children exaggerate! What about experiencing a real nightmarish school that cannot be compared to the most courageous exaggerations? Welcome to Baldi’s Basics, a horror game that will show you how painful math can be. Well, it really is painful, since this is a complicated subject and you need to make efforts to understand it. But Baldi is a math teacher and he has his own perception of pain. Literal! What is more, he has his own math, not just complicated but absurd. The tasks your teacher will give you cannot be solved, but he doesn’t seem to care about that. He will punish you physically every time you make him angry. It’s easy to make him angry – you don’t have to do anything special.

So the chasing horror game about the crazy math teacher will offer you a number of tasks to solve. You need to gather three notebooks with assignments and make a match. The purpose is simple – you need to get out of here, because this school is more like a hell than an institution in Baldi’s Basic’s Full Game early demo. You will run away from your teacher, entering one cabinet and then – another one just to hide anywhere. He has a large ruler and this will solve as a deadly weapon when he catches you. Find yourself a shelter when the situation becomes too tough because running away from an aggressive Baldi is almost impossible – he is so fast that your chances are minor. Don’t let him and his no less crazy friends kill you in the corridors and rooms of this strange place. Gather the notebooks as soon as you can – the game time is limited. Only when you will get all of them, you will have a chance to leave. Do your best and try not to start hating math after playing this game! Happy learning with Baldi!

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