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Welcome to Baldi’s educational establishment, a place that is perfectly fit for a school-themed horror! Shhh, the class begins! Who’s that coming in? This is Baldi, the most horrible teacher on the campus. He teaches math and hates it when students make mistakes. You can’t even imagine how angry he gets when that happens. You’d better not see him fly into a furry! But even if you know math well, it doesn’t guarantee you from faults. And then… Hop on your feet and get out of the class!

Escaping from Baldi is a tiring task. You need to stay on guard because he can jump literally out of nowhere and fetch you. If you don’t want to see a black screen meaning the game is over, you have to avoid him in any possible way. Besides, there are seven notebooks for you to collect and fill out. And they are scattered all over the campus. To find that, you have to look into every room. Before you solve all the equations correctly, you won’t be able to go home!

What makes the game especially difficult is that other characters on the campus are playing on Baldi’s side. They might look pretty friendly, but don’t fall for that. If you receive an invitation to jump the rope from a little girl, know she’s nice to you only because she wants to slow you down until Baldi shows up. And it’s also unreasonable to be cruising for a bruising if there is a school bully on the horizon. Luckily, there are ways to sway their loyalties. For instance, bullies like sweets. If you have some in your backpack, that might save you from their fists.

Chocolate will also help you if you grow too tired to keep running. Just nibble on a candy bar and your stamina level will increase enough for a last-minute rescue. This school with mods is full of dangers and it only depends on your reflexes and of course your math skills whether you will be able to get home safely!

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