Angry Baldi

About game

School has never been an easy time for kids. Especially with teachers like Baldi. This man just can’t cope with somebody making mistakes in his class. Baldi’s Basics is a nice way to test your knowledge of math and enjoy a creepy horror game unfolding right on the school campus! You have to collect seven notebooks with three tasks each. Your success will depend on both how well you know math and how quickly you can run! Every time you make a mistake, Baldi goes mad and chases you everywhere. Make him lose track of you and stay away from this maniac until you get hold of all the notebooks!

The tasks will vary in complexity. Besides, your time will be limited because you have to watch out for Baldi who can show up any second. Other characters you’ll meet at school will try to impede you as well. Bullies will stand in your way blocking passages you could use to make an escape from an imminent threat. Rope-jumping girls will invite you for a play slowing you down. Say nothing of the principal who will put you into detention for your behavior. Finding a way to get along with these people and pull them over to your side will be one of the keys to a successful completion of your mission. You might wonder what will happen if Baldi catches you. You don’t want to know that! Just be sure that this teacher won’t let you get away with it. Will you be able to survive at school for more than five nights? And escape from it safely with all seven notebooks in your backpack? Note that the level of danger will keep growing throughout the game. Plenty of challenges are waiting for in Baldi’s Basics!

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