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Have you seen early educational games of the 90’s? If you were born much later, you can still feel the peculiar atmosphere with Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning with cheats. This game has a very primitive graphics, but fans all over the world prove that this is the least important thing for them. Even teenagers, who are used to impeccable graphics, will find something peculiar in Baldi’s Basics. So, what is it? The game starts as a usual educational game, where you need to find and transport seven notebooks to the destination point. And, of course, you have to solve certain mathematical problems. They seem to be very simple, as the name of the game states it, but everything is more complicated. Developers made every notebook with a task, which doesn’t have a right answer, and you will face awful consequences of your terrible mistake.

You have a very strict teacher, and he becomes very upset because of your mistakes. He wants to punish you, and your task is to avoid this punishment. How can you achieve this goal? Well, here everything is clear: you should stay away from this professor, though it is impossible, of course. You just need to run away, but you will meet different people on your way, and even non-living creatures, which will try to talk to you, interact with you and so on. For instance, headmaster can put you to a detention room, where you will be an easy prey for professor Baldi. He has a big ruler in his hands, and he can easily kill your character. Though the game seems to be difficult, it is possible to stay alive and get away from school. You just need to be careful and know how to avoid meeting with the crazy professor. This horror game with a primitive graphics may occupy your mind, and you will be solving math problems even in your dreams.

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