Baldi’s Basics Minecraft

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What was your least favorite subject at school with minecraft skins? Many will definitely answer math. Surely, sweating over tricky arithmetics is quite tedious. And the teachers are rarely any inspiring too. Baldi is an example of one who can make a boring subject even more terrible. Try to survive through his class and you’ll understand! Today is a particularly hard day: you have seven math classes. All taught by Baldi! Until you grab the seven notebooks hidden in the school and fill them out with the right answers, don’t even hope to leave home!

The beginning will be fairly easy. But as you proceed, the tasks will grow ever more complicated. Until you stumble and make a mistake… That’s all Baldi is waiting for. He will start moving towards you slapping his ruler against his hand. If you see that, run! But don’t think the status of a teacher will prevent Baldi from chasing you around the campus. He won’t fall back and will be following you everywhere. It’s a good thing you run faster than him. But by the end of the day you’ll grow more tired while Baldi will gain more and more stamina. So make sure you find all the notebooks before it’s too late!

On the campus, you’ll meet other characters, but be alert, not all of them are as friendly as they look. Most of them are helping Baldi, from fist-shaking bullies in doorways to little girls peacefully jumping the rope in the school yard. Don’t fall into their traps! You should also pay attention to your stamina meter that can run low in the most unsuitable moment. To fix that, eat one of the chocolate bars lying in your backpack. With each notebook you pick up, the game will increase in difficulty. Retro-style graphics and low-quality voicing contribute to the general atmosphere of horror. Don’t let Baldi catch you or you’ll regret that! Keep your distance from him and focus on collecting the notebooks. But don’t forget that they also need to be filled out with the right answers!

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