Baldi’s Basics 7 Notebooks

About game

Do you like horror games? It is thought that a good horror game should have perfect graphics, and if the graphics is poor, then the game will be awful. Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning will prove you that you are wrong, because the graphics here is very simple, like in games of 90’s, but it captivates you from the very beginning. You will see a simple guy, who is studying in a school, and as every other student he has math classes. But solving math problems is not so easy, and you will see this in the very first notebook.

There are seven notebooks in the campus, and you need to find all of them. This is not so easy task, but when you find them, you will face even more difficult one – math problems in every notebook. Even if you are good in math, you will make an error, because the sense of the game is in mistakes. The tasks are created in that way that at least one of them can’t be done properly. But the catch here is in your teacher. Your professor is very sensitive, and every error makes him mad. How can you save your life? Well, there is very little choice of options: you can run, run or run away. Not too much, is it right? But it would be too easy, if running could solve all your problems. You will meet numerous creatures on your way, human as well as non-living objects. They will try to talk you in, slow your pace and help professor catch you. Remember, that you can’t trust anyone, and your every stop will help professor catch you.

What will happen next? You will be punished severely with a ruler, and if think that this doesn’t hurt too much, then you are definitely wrong. Though you will meet numerous enemies, some of the items may be really useful, but you need to learn all these peculiarities during the process of playing. No one will teach how you can get rid of this insane professor, but if you manage to find your way out from school, then you will win the game. Yes, the answer is very simple, but getting out is way more difficult, than you may think. The game has a lot of fans, and this is why developers introduced an update, where you may find a new character and new cool features in new mode.

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