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Did you like school when you were a kid? Even if you studied well and had many friends, still your answer will probably be no. Why is that? Well, who likes being bored to death in a tedious math class and raking your brain over mind-boggling equations? But Baldi doesn’t share this point of view. To his opinion, children should be thrilled with arithmetics and if you make even a single mistake while solving the tasks he has prepared for you, then wait for a trouble!

The day is long and you have seven classes. Seven notebooks to fill out. Each of them includes three assignments and before you give the right answers Baldi won’t let you go home. Moreover, he’ll freak out and chase you all over the campus! Your tasks is complicated by the fact that the notebooks are scattered in different rooms of the school and you have to find them first. That won’t be easy with Baldi breathing down your neck! If you see him move in your direction snapping a ruler against the palm of his hand, run and don’t stop until you shake him off your tail!

It seems like the whole school is against you. Children and other teachers on the campus are all on Baldi’s side. Don’t come close to a little girl jumping the rope – she won’t leave you alone until you agree to play with her. A waste of time you can’t afford when you face Baldi! You decide to dive into a narrow passage that will allow you to cut your way short. But there is a bully swaying his huge fists. Just give him something sweet from your backpack and he’ll let you go. However, beware of the school principal! There is no way to persuade him. He’ll send you to detention and Baldi will easily find you. Remember, you can’t go home until you pick up all seven notebooks and do the tasks written in them! Hurry up before Baldi gets angry and sets out on a chase!

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